Our Video Tips to take full advantage of a Scented Candle

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Posted on September 16 2020

Our Video Tips to take full advantage of a Scented Candle

Find in Video all our tips for using our Scented Candles!

Since our first anniversary, candles have accompanied every important moment in life. At home, a pretty  candle brings a little comforting soul supplement, ideal for our cocooning desires. Its flame fascinates us. It brings the little extra touch to any room, gives a relaxing or romantic atmosphere, allows us to meditate, to have a warm and friendly space, diffuses a smell that we love. There is no need to say,  candles  have a lot of advantages.

The  candles , with their dancing flame, are known to be relaxing and comforting. They bring a room to life and can provide that cocooning touch needed to make you feel at home. The purpose of  candles  is often to bring an additional touch to the well-being and the appeasement that their presence brings. For a bath or an evening, we like to enjoy a pretty candle .

You may also want to bring a special ambiance to your home. And for that, what could be better than choosing a candle that diffuses the scent of this atmosphere? For example, you could opt for a Gingerbread Scented Candle for Christmas or a Sea-scented Candle for the summer. Remember that smell is one of the favorite senses of our memory. Some  candles  will diffuse scents that will remind you of beautiful memories: Orange blossom, Childhood snacks, Fresh verbena, Au Coin du Feu ...

Only the perfume is able to make us travel in time, to remind us of the emotions of our 15 years. But if perfume is a link with emotion, it is also because it is inscribed in memory. A perfume is first of all a memory.

 Scented Candle thus enables us to dress our emotions, to translate our moods… In addition to all this,  scented candles can also have much more practical purposes. You can turn them on to drive away a lingering odor or to give a room an impression of purity.


For all  Scented Candle enthusiasts like us, here are our little video tips to keep your   scented candle performing as long as possible!


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