Argan Oil Marseille Soap - Say "No" to Chemicals!

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Posted on January 15 2021

Argan Oil Marseille Soap - Say "No" to Chemicals!

There are many types of cleansing products on the market. How to choose the most suitable cleansing products? If the skin is feeling a bit dry and itchy, or is looking a little dull, it is better to try natural handmade Marseille soap! A small piece of Marseille soap contains powerful cleansing and skin care effects. France has even formulated a set of strict production standards for it to ensure the quality of its production. Let's learn more about it!

 Marseille soap with a thousand years of history

The prototype of "Marseille soap" originated in Aleppo, Syria thousands of years ago. Traditional Marseille soap uses olive oil as a raw material and extracts 72% of fatty acids from it. it is famous around the world because of the excellent quality of handmade soaps produced in Marseille, France . France has even formulated a set of strict standards to define "Marseille soap", which must contain 72% of vegetable fatty acids extracted from vegetable oil, without any pigments, additives, fragrances and animal fats.

Plantes & Parfums complies with the ancient production standards of "Marseille soap", which must go through 8 processes and be extracted from a large boiler. The entire extraction process takes 14 days and insists on making traditional, high-quality Marseille soap.


All-in-one - Multiple Functions within one soap


Abandoning the inherent concept that soap will make the skin tight and dry, the Argan Oil Marseille Soap produced by Plantes & Parfums is 100% natural, free of artificial additives and chemical ingredients, and has strong cleansing power and mild nature. It is suitable for pregnant women and babies. The soap is added with argan oil, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-6 and Omega-9), plant sterols and vitamin E. It strengthens the moisturizing effect, can resist oxidation, anti-aging, restore skin elasticity after use, reduce inflammation and anti-allergy. It also helps block ultraviolet rays.

Marseille soap is flexible that not only be used for hand washing, bathing, face washing, hair washing, shaving, but also for washing clothes, especially underwear and baby clothes, to protect skin of different natures in all aspects.


How to use Marseille soap?

The usage of Marseille soap is easy & simple. First, moisten the Marseille soap with some water, rub it with your hands or a foaming net to form a rich foam, apply the foam to the area to be cleaned and gently massage over skin using circular motions. Finally, rinse it off with warm water.


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