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For maximum satisfaction, through this article, we want to give you all the good advice so that you can create the ideal atmosphere at home and enjoy the candles for as long as possible.


Before Use 

Remove the lid before use.

Before lighting your  candle , systematically cut the wick to 0.5 cm.

Too long a wick could cause a flame to be too high, an uneven burn.

For candles with several wicks, remember to light all the wicks for a homogeneous burn.

During Use 

During the burning, be careful not to place the candle in a draft: the wax could melt unevenly and you risk a decentering of its wick.

To avoid the formation of a "well", leave your candle burning until the entire surface is liquid.

This will also prevent poor combustion and it will allow maximum scent from it.


Extinguish the Candle

To extinguish the candle , instead of blowing on it, it is possible to extinguish it by dipping the wick in the melted wax using small pliers then straightening it.

Recenter it quickly if necessary to prevent the glass from darkening.

The wick will thus be coated with wax and ignition will be easier the next time it is used.


After Use

Do not move the candle until the melted wax has set.

You can protect your  candle  from dust and help preserve its scent with a glass bell.

Once your candle is consumed, you can clean the glass with hot water, so don't hesitate to reuse your container for other uses.



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