X'mas Lucky Box

HK$199 HK$500

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X'mas Lucky Box is the most intriguing and exciting item you can buy at this Christmas! It contains a variety of products, worth up to HK$500. There is 25 Lucky box worth up to HK$2000 within 500 Box! Let’s pick one! 

[Must-Have Item] 
A Mini Perfumed Candle 75g (HK$160) OR a Pillow Perfume (HK$180) is included.

May get the following items randomly:

  • Argan Oil Soap 100g Lavender/Rose/Marine/Honey Almond (HK$90)
  • Decorated Heart with Fragrance (HK$180)
  • Donkey’s Milk Hand Cream 30ml (HK$88)
  • Hydroalcoholic Gel 50ml (HK$38)
  • Lavender Sachets (HK$98)
  • Lavande Altitude Travel Kit (HK$88)
  • Lavande Altitude Eau de Cologne 30ml (HK$100)
  • Liquid Marseille Soap 50ml (HK$28)
  • Argan Hand Cream - Rose 75ml (HK$200)
  • Argan Hand Cream - Orange Blossom 75ml (HK$200)
  • Argan Massage Oil 30ml (HK$98)
  • Argan Cleansing Oil 30ml (HK$68)
  • Argan Hair Oil 30ml (HK$68)
  • Finessence Diffusion Oil 10ml (HK$160)
  • Villa Flora Eau de Parfum 5ml

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