Vegetable Oil - Macadamia Oil 50ml


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Macadamia vegetable oil has a special active ingredient composition that gives it very pronounced regenerating and nourishing properties. Our Macadamia vegetable oil is obtained by cold pressing seeds from Kenya to obtain the best of its properties. Its fragrance is similar to hazelnut, soft and pleasant, while its colour is yellow to slightly green.

Binomial Name : Macadamia tetraphylla
Botanical Family : Proteceae
Distilled parts : Seeds
Origin : Kenya

Nourishing (for skin, hair and nails)

How to apply the Vegetable Oil
Body:?As a moisturizer or in massage.
Hair: Apply to the hair tips or as a mask over the lengths 10 minutes before shampooing.
Nails: Apply in massage on nails and cuticles

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