Sublime Body Oil - Amber 150ml


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This?body oil with a delicate, sweet Amber fragrance is a subtle blend of rare vegetable oils from organic fair-trade Argan and organic Jojoba, Apricot and Almond, which nourishes, softens and subtly scents body and hair.?

100% pure, 100% organic, 100% fair trade

Argan Oil?:?With a smooth texture, Argan Oil contains more than 80% unsaturated fatty acids, essential for the proper functioning of the epidermis.
??/span>?Omega 6, limit water loss.
??/span>?Omega 9, strengthen the elasticity of the skin.
??/span>?Vitamin E, helps fight against cell aging.
Antioxidant and regenerating, it nourishes, protects and restores the hydrolipidic film of the skin.


How to apply Sublime Body?Oil?

Apply the oil on your body in circle on the desired areas (bust, legs, ...). Regarding the hair it is used through the lengths and ends as often as you want.