String of 4 Cement Tiles Pattern Lavender Sachets 18g

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String of assorted plain sachets garnished with Provence Lavender.

These lavender sachets will fill any closet or drawer at work or the office, suitcases or even the car with a beautiful lavender smell. These sachets come from the south of France and contain genuine dried Fine Lavender from Provence. The sachets are made of Provencal fabric printed and are beautifully crafted.

Made in France.


About Lavender Sachets

The word lavande, French for lavender, is derived from the French verb "laver" or to clean. French people began very early to use lavender to scent a newly washed laundry. Bags of dried flowers are traditionally stored in cupboards to keep moths away and to perfume the wardrobe. It sometimes called "porte-bonheur des armoires" in French, or the cupboards lucky charm.

Dried lavender flowers are very resilient and will keep their scent for 1 to 2 years. We recommend that you squeeze your bags every week to release all the fragrances.

User Tips

Place in cupboards, wardrobes, chest of drawers or where ever you would like to the scent to be (car, luggage,...).

The bags need to be pressed every 15 days to release a constant scent in the cupboards. The flowers stop releasing scent in between one and two years. Renew the scent by dropping 2 or 3 drops of essential oil on the sachets. Or replace the flowers in the sachets.

(18g x4)

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