Rosy Bloom Gift Set

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【Rose Festival Special】

The ROSE, queen of flowers, has always seduced with its scents, its magnificence and its elegance. In this Lovely Rose Festival, we selected our rose hero roducts to treat all of the wonder-woman like a queen. ThisRosy Bloom Gift Set WORTH UP TO HK$978!

The set comes with these three items:

  1. Plantes & Parfums Perfumed Candle - Rose Petal 180g (HK$298)
  2. Finessence Rose Floral Water 150ml (HK$280)
  3. Argandia Argan Comforting Cream - Rose 50ml (HK$400)


Plantes & Parfums Perfumed Candle - Rose Petal 180g

Our candles are hand poured  in our workshops, made from 100% soy wax without paraffin and 100% natural cotton wicks. This fragrance is an ode to sweetness. Its rose petal scent highlights the many varieties of classic roses for a sweet and romantic bouquet.

Head: Rose/ Green Leaves
Heart: Rose/ Violet/ Carnation
Base: Rose / Musk

Finessence Rose Floral Water 150ml

Damascus Rose floral water from Organic Farming: A real treasure of beauty, it brightens, tones, refreshes, moisturizes and soothes the skin. Obtained by steam distillation of fresh Rosa Damascena petals, this unique extraction process produces floral water that is particularly concentrated in active ingredients and naturally powerful.  Rose Floral Water care mist is suitable for all skin types, it softens dry skin, purifies combination and oily skin and tones mature skin lacking firmness.

At any time of the day, spray this fine mist of floral water on your face to refresh yourself, fix your make-up or as a tonic to perfect your beauty ritual.

Argandia Argan Comforting Cream - Rose 50ml

This cream ideally comforts dry and sensitive skin. Made up of active moisturizers, this cream regenerates and instantly nourishes the skin. The natural ingredients soothe and protect the skins from external aggressions. Your skin will be soft, comfortable and bright. 


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