Perfumed Candle - Cassiopee 75g


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Cassiopée, queen of the constellations of the boreal sky, is a fragrance with soft, magical and luminous notes. This fragrance offers like a treasure the bitter orange and the cinnamon married to the exoticism of the tonka bean and the vanilla. It is the fragrance of the promised celebration and precious offerings.

Head: Bitter orange / Mandarin
Heart: Cinnamon / Cloves
Base: Tonka beans / Vanilla / Praline


Our candles are hand poured in our workshops, made from 100% soy wax without paraffin and 100% natural cotton wicks.

Made in Provence.

Combustion time of about 15 hours.


A Natural & Artisanal Candle
Plantes & Parfums manufactures its candles according to a respectful and artisanal method of craftsmanship. Each of our scented candles has its own character, with one never quite alike another.

The wax we use in our creations is 100% soy wax and rigorously selected for its quality of combustion and diffusion. It is firstly heated, then carefully mixed and combined with Grasse perfumes.

Each candle is then hand-filled one by one. The wicks, braided in natural, lead-free cotton, are then placed at the bottom of the candle glass.