Perfumed Candle - Orion 180g


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Get on board with Plantes & Parfums for a journey to the stars, explore the magic of the night sky through the constellations. When the days become shorter, the nights are longer and more beautiful, lighted by the mysterious and golden light of the stars. Plantes & Parfums has chosen to draw its inspiration from the stars to highlight the most beautiful and luminous emotions

Orion is a beam of stars that invites you to a journey through infinite space and mythological time. Its name has always shone and radiated in all civilizations. This intensely powerful fragrance evokes the most noble and mysterious notes of myrrh, incense and amber. Orion shines with a sacred, bewitching and protective fire.

Our candles are hand poured in our workshops, made from 100% soy wax without paraffin and 100% natural cotton wicks.

Made in Provence.
Combustion time of about 40 hours.


Olfactory Pyramid

Head: Agreste, Myrrh
Heart: Cedar, Incense
Base: Musk, Amber, Spicy

A Natural & Artisanal Candle

Plantes & Parfums manufactures its candles according to a respectful and?artisanal method of craftsmanship. Each of our scented candles has its own character, with one never quite alike another.

The wax we use in our creations is 100% soy wax and rigorously selected for its quality of combustion and diffusion. It is firstly heated, then carefully mixed and combined with Grasse perfumes.

Each candle is then hand-filled one by one. The wicks, braided in natural, lead-free cotton, are then placed at the bottom of the candle glass.