Perfume for Fragrance Diffuser - Spring Violet 200ml


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This refill will allow you to enjoy the Fragrance?Diffuser for a long time.?Freshen your home, office and car.

Made in Provence and developed by our perfumers in Grasse, its composition is of natural origin.


This fragrance delivers delicate and powdery notes: the violet mixes with tenderness and romanticism with notes of white flowers.

Head:?Lemon / Violet leaf
Heart:?Rose / Lily of the Valley / Orange Blossom / Iris / Violet
Base:?H矇liotrope / Coumarine?

Made in France


User Tips
Fill the bottle with the Refill for Fragrance Diffuser.
Close the refill.?Diffusion time between 1 and 2 months depending on the environment.