Perfume for Fragrance Diffuser - Maïa 200ml


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This refill will allow you to enjoy the Fragrance Diffuser for a long time. Freshen your home, office and car.

Made in Provence and developed by our perfumers in Grasse, its composition is of natural origin.

Maïa, one of the brightest stars seen from the Earth, is a warm and glittering fragrance. It evokes the mysterious presences that are revealed at night : scents of snow and sandalwood, frosted pine needles and cedar. A pure and infinitely mysterious fragrance for the long starry winter nights.

Head: Pine Sap / Snowflakes
Heart: Frosted Pine Needles
BaseOak Moss / Sandalwood / Cedar

Made in France

User Tips
Fill the bottle with the Refill for Fragrance Diffuser.
Close the refill. Diffusion time between 1 and 2 months depending on the environment.