Marseille Liquid Soap Mini Duo

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Our liquid soaps get a new look, they aare made in a traditional French method in Provence with pure vegetable soap. All of our soaps are composed of at least 94% of ingredients of natural origin.

The set comes with these two items:

  1. Marseille Liquid Soap - Rose 50ml

  2. Marseille Liquid Soap - Verbena 50ml

The vegetable oils and olive oil are cooked in a cauldron, producing a lather and texture that cleanse and soften your skin.

This Liquid Soaps with sweet olive oil gently clean and hydrate your skin in a delicate burst of moisture, leaving it pleasantly rose or verbena scented.

Everyday Gentle Care for even the most sensitive skin. Our soaps offer the ultimate softness and comforting care for you.