Home Perfume - Frosted Rose 100ml

HK$38 HK$300

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Perfume the different rooms of the house and bring a personalized atmosphere with our range of interior fragrances.

Rediscover the pleasure of an authentic and serene atmosphere by intensely perfuming all the rooms of your home.

A sweet and fresh scent that harmoniously combines floral and fruity notes.?To this sweetness are added woody notes for a cocooning atmosphere.

Head: Lavender / Mandarin / Bergamot
Heart: Iris / Jasmine / Wild Rose
BaseSandalwood / Vanilla / Patchouli

Made in France

User Tips

Spray the perfume in the rooms of your home.

Natural and long-lasting home fragrance spray is natural, contains 80% corn alcohol, does not contain irritating or sensitizing chemical ingredients, can also be used by babies, and the concentration of alcohol can also be used for disinfection purposes, a few sprays will bring the whole space fresh and clean effect.