Essential Oil - Pistachio Mastic Tree 5ml


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Essential oils are used for the well-being they provide, they are concentrates of efficiency and pleasure for a better wellness and a better life.

The Pistahio Mastic Tree is a small shrub that can reach 5m high, found in arid Mediterranean climates. Its resin, also called “putty”, is still used in many forms today, especially in the food industry. We have selected extracts of pistachio lentisk extract carefully harvested in Morocco in order to offer superior quality of oil. It has an intense, fresh and herbaceous fragrance.

Botanical Family : Anacardiaceae
Distilled parts : Aerial Parts
Origin : Morocco

Widely used to help reduce oedema
Diluted in a vegetable oil, it is particularly recommended for draining, invigorating and circulatory massage. It is also very effective against heavy leg syndrome.


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