Essential Oil - Everlasting Helichrysum 2ml


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Essential oils are used for the well-being they provide, they are concentrates of efficiency and pleasure for a better wellness and a better life.

Italian Helichrysum is a small bush found in dry, hot and arid areas, which is also named as Immortal. We have carefully assembled its flowers from the two natural cradles of this plant, Corsica and Italy, in order to make the most of it. It is tested and selected for its superior quality and exceptional properties. Its small golden yellow flowers give off a warm and heady woody scent, which is reminiscent of curry.

Botanical Family : Astreraceae
Distilled parts : Flowered Parts
Origin : Corsica & Italy

Soothing and detoxifying
Ideal to bring a floral atmosphere to your interior
Diluted in Vegetable Oil, it is ideal to soothe blows and bruises and promotes joint problems.


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