Home Perfume - Rose Petal 100ml


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Perfume the different rooms of the house and bring a personalized atmosphere with our range of interior fragrances.

Rediscover the pleasure of an authentic and serene atmosphere by intensely perfuming all the rooms of your home.

This fragrance is an ode to sweetness. Its scent of rose petals declines the varieties of old roses for a tender and romantic fragrance.

Head: Rose/ Green Leaves
Heart: Rose/ Violet/ Carnation
Base: Rose / Musk

Made in France


User Tips

Spray the perfume in the rooms of your home.

Natural and long-lasting home fragrance spray is natural, contains 80% corn alcohol, does not contain irritating or sensitizing chemical ingredients, can also be used by babies, and the concentration of alcohol can also be used for disinfection purposes, a few sprays will bring the whole space fresh and clean effect.

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